AT&T news: Lancaster dead, Warhawk and Fortress coming in October?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.19.09

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We've received some pretty believable information this evening indicating that the HTC Lancaster -- a phone that would've likely been AT&T's first to run Android -- has been shelved. We don't know why, but considering that the rumored specs had it signed up for a weaksauce QVGA display, our hearts aren't really broken by the news as long as they make haste getting a more suitable model to market (and we're not talking about the Fiesta). In happier news, we're hearing that "two new Windows Mobile 6.5 models" will be gracing AT&T shelves in October, and considering everything we know about the carrier and its plans, we've got to believe these are the Warhawk and Fortress (better known as the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2) from HTC. That'd lag T-Mobile's Pro2 launch by a country mile -- but then again, T-Mobile's running circles around everyone in the Android department, so why not WinMo, too?
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