NCsoft reveals Aion's Priest subclass: the Cleric

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|08.18.09

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It seems with rumblings of an open beta reverberating through the interweb, Aion is never far from the thoughts of the avid MMO player or Team Massively. NCsoft just sent through a new (and shiny) batch of lovely Cleric-centric screenshots for your perusal. Focusing on the first of two subclasses, Clerics are healers who use "the power of magic to strengthen allies and heal their wounds. They can resurrect their allies. They are formidable opponents in melee when using a mace and a shield."

Focusing on a rather gruff-looking Elyos, a dainty female Asmodian with scary eyes and another Asmodian sporting what looks like a new set of wings, the images are pure eye candy. Got beta withdrawal symptoms yet? Well check out our gallery below and hang on in there. Over the coming weeks we'll be bringing even more Aion news your way as we hurtle towards the much anticipated launch.

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