Video: iropod turns your desk into a big-ass mobile computer

Updated ·1 min read

Look, we like the idea of an ergonomic workstation with a VESA monitor mount. Integrate a slip-in laptop dock and we might even be tempted to reach for our credit cards. But designer Rad Iliuta seems to have built the computer right into the chassis of the iropod (Interactive Robotic Pod) while fitting it with a battery "as powerful as a car battery" offering a claimed 24-hours of freedom... you know, when you want to pack this into your backpack or take it into the woods. It's said to be launching in the 3rd quarter of this year which by our count gives them until September to get this thing priced and rolled out the door, literally. However, without a single PC spec listed on its website of dubious design we have our doubts about that time schedule. Insane or insanely awesome, let Rad know your thoughts in the comments below. Quickie video after the break.