Palm Eos coming in October, or next year, or some other time, or never

Two months post-launch, the Pre remains the only official game in town for webOS, but we all know how Palm rolls -- there are unquestionably other phones in the pipeline, and they're going to be available on a variety of carriers. By all accounts, the so-called Eos (or Pixie, if internal codenames are more your thing) for AT&T is going to be the next model to come out of the chute, and now that we've all gotten bored with our Pres, the world seems to be turning its attention to more pressing matters like a release date. To that point, we're dealing with two ends of the spectrum right now: at one extreme, Digital Daily cites a Morgan Joseph analysts as saying he believes the Eos will hit AT&T at some point beyond the holidays, thanks in part to the $99 iPhone's continued strength. On the other end, the Chinese language Commercial Times out of Taiwan says an HSPA-powered version of the Eos will rock a 2.6-inch display and start volume deliveries from ODM Compal to Palm in October of this year with a CDMA variant following on in the first quarter of next year. Ultimately, both reports have the reassuring solidity of Jell-O -- so what have we learned? The Eos (or whatever it's called) will ship when it ships.

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