Qwest's wireless service says goodnight on October 31

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.19.09

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They've taken their time, but Qwest is finally winding down its Sprint-based MVNO offering and kicking subscribers off the last shreds of its network over the next couple months. To be exact, every last customer will have be off the airwaves by October 31 -- and to really drive the point home, outgoing calls will be rerouted to customer service for friendly reminders starting next month (don't worry, you're allowed to complete your call after the reminder's over). The good news is that Qwest is waiving ETFs for folks porting away -- they frickin' better be -- and the company has hooked up with Verizon as an affiliate, so you can still work with 'em to manage your wireless life if you're so inclined.

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