Always Innovating Touch Book unboxed, previewed and stuck to a fridge for good measure

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Always Innovating sure made good on the promise of removable tablet embedded in a netbook form factor and price -- we've gone from hardly believable renders in March to a now-shipping $400 ($300 without the base) product as of now. The impressions are already trickling in, but our favorite observation so far is this fridge magnet implementation. The main complaint so far is that the machine altogether is rather heavy for a netbook. It makes sense given that all the computer internals are in the MID-style touchscreen, while the keyboard base adds on 7 hours of purported battery life. So far it doesn't sound like this is the sexy-slim way to get into the netbook game if you're not in it for the removable MID capabilities, but for the MID affectionate the Touch Book could provide a nice alternative to the same old same old.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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