Sony: PlayStation 2 compatibility 'is not coming back' to PS3

Cling to that Cell-based PlayStation 2 emulator patent all you want, but Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller has some disparaging words for those wanting Shadow the Colossus to one day work one the latest hardware. PS2 backwards compatibility "is not coming back, so let me put that on the table," he told Ars Technica, soon after reaffirming, "that won't be returning." Apparently people have been buying the PS3 not for PS2 titles but for the newest games and Blu-ray movies -- and given PS2's continued dominance in sales, presumably to play those last-gen games, we don't doubt it. Seeing such a feature standard in all other consoles out there, including the first two iterations of this one, we can't help but feel burned. Still, it was less than two months ago when Sony's mantra was no PS3 price cuts, and funny enough, that's more or less what happened. So if Koller wants to go back on his word and offer PS2 compatibility further down the line, hey, we'll forgive him.

[Via Joystiq]