Bat-Knowledge! Bone up on your Arkham Asylum history

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With Batman: Arkham Asylum's release just around the corner, and a slew of videos introducing the game's cast of characters already available, we didn't think there was much more to say about Batman's upcoming video game adventure (until our review later today!). We were wrong. In the latest and perhaps last trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Eidos drops knowledge on something we're (admittedly) not familiar with: the history of Gotham's Arkham Asylum.

Listen carefully to a haunting journal from the asylum's founder Amadeus Arkham, as the 1920s-era mogul slides deeper into madness attempting to rehabilitate Gotham's worst citizens. If only Amadeus would have lived long enough to see a giant bat punching the "criminally insane" in the face, maybe things would have worked out better for the good doctor. It really is amazing how much medicine has progressed over the years.
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