Gateway's 11.6-inch EC1803h CULV ultraportable surfaces in Canada

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All the cool kids are building CULV-powered 11.6-inch miniature wonders, and Acer-owned Gateway is no exception. This new EC1803h unit (a rebadge of sorts of Acer's Timeline 1810T) just popped up in Canada, and has a lot in common with Gateway's LT2000 netbooks -- though somehow knowing there's a "real" processor underneath makes it seem just a bit more sexy. Unfortunately, the $600 Canadian (about $550 US) pricetag isn't quite as grand as the $400ish CULV laptops that Acer and Dell have been showing, but it's hard to fault the 3GB of RAM, 6 cell standard battery and 250GB hard drive. No word on when this will head to the States.
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