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PLAYSTATION 3 logo replaced due to 'visibility' issues

PLAYSTATION 3 logo replaced due to 'visibility' issues
Andrew Yoon
Andrew Yoon|@scxzor|August 24, 2009 9:30 PM
The system wasn't the only thing that got smaller when Sony officially unveiled the slimmer PS3. The entire PlayStation branding has been reworked: the system is no longer PLAYSTATION 3 (all caps), it's PlayStation 3. The logo no longer uses the Spider-Man font to spell out the entire system name. Instead, marketing materials now feature three simple characters: "PS3."

Kaz Hirai explained the meaning behind the change to Times Online. The new logo represents a "reset" of sorts. Hirai explains that he wanted it to represent "going back to our roots."

There are practical applications to a revised logo, as well. "When you have PlayStation 3 spelt out, the aspect ratio was such that if you wanted it on a billboard it became tiny. It didn't work in terms of visibility," he admitted. We took a look back to this Call of Duty 4 TV ad to emphasize the difference: the Xbox 360 logo is more than twice as large as the now-outdated PLAYSTATION 3 logo. If you watched this ad on a SDTV, you probably wouldn't even notice the PS3 logo at all! While we're not entirely sure the new logo will have an effect on sales, we (and other games bloggers) are glad to finally give our CAPS LOCK keys a break. Thanks, Sony.
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