Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for $230 during Woot Sellout

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Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for $230 during Woot Sellout
While it's no guarantee that a retail price drop is coming, seeing an Xbox 360 Pro selling for just $230 (plus $5 shipping) during a Woot Sellout certainly piles-on the evidence. The Woot model is your typical 60GB Pro (rumored to have reached end-of-life) with HDMI-out, wireless controller, headset, and component AV cable. However, instead of carrying a $300 price it costs about $70 less than your nearest brick-and-mortar will charge. The best deal you'll find until the rumored price cuts get official. So what's it going to be, slim, pull the trigger or wait?

[Thanks, Joshua W.]
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