A trio of Mabinogi videos show off the "Ancient Secrets of Irinid"

Mabinogi was recently patched with a big content update called "Ancient Secrets of Irinid", which added an African themed zone called Courcle and flying mounts (including the legendary pelican) to the game. To help promote all of the new stuff on offer, Nexon has put out a trio of videos that highlight some of the biggest features from the patch. The one above shows a fairly hazardous river rafting trip, which is made much safer by a pretty powerful new Magic Shield skill, followed by some animal taming.

Past the break, the second trailer looks at the new flying mounts -- though its hard to go past the pelican, there are others to choose -- as well as the Dash combat skill and the massive Giant Alligator boss. The third video starts out peacefully, with some Metallurgy and Fishing, but then things get decidedly more ferocious when the Giant Lion boss shows up to punt someone off the screen. It seems there's a delicate balance between some quiet exploring and getting your butt handed to you by over-sized animals in Courcle, but it's nice to have a choice.