Marantz rolls out SR6004, SR5004 receivers

Steven Kim
S. Kim|08.25.09

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Marantz rolls out SR6004, SR5004 receivers
Marantz SR6004 receiver
The Marantz brand definitely has its fans, but positioning the marque against its sister brand Denon is a tough balancing act. Many were hoping for the old Marantz flagship SR8002 receiver to get the updates (cosmetic and otherwise) handed out to the SRx003 models; but those folks will have to hope the 8-series skips generations, because the rest of the lineup has quite expectedly been upped to SRx004 nomenclature. Convenience features take center stage on the SR6004 ($1,250) and SR5004 ($850), headed up by support for Marantz's RX101 Bluetooth receiver that lets you beam music, sans wires, to the receiver. These models also get Dolby Pro Logic IIz and the popular trio of Audyssey MultiEQ, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ. After that, it looks like Marantz is getting served second at the D&M feature table -- 4-in/2-out HDMI ports, no Audyssey DSX, and no mention of Anchor Bay video processing. Still, true fans might still find the Marantz sound that they love in these new models.
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