DIY Eyewriter brings the joy of art, vandalism to those with ALS

You know, there are a slew of devices out there that'll let you indulge in some graffiti action without sullying your hands (or breaking the law). Indeed, we've seen real time 3D paintings in galleries and something called the Wiispray, and now we have Eyewriter. An ongoing effort by a group of graffiti artists from around the world, this open source project has designed and built a low-cost eye-tracking system to enable people like Tony Quam (a.k.a. TEMPTONE), who is paralyzed, to create artwork moving only his eyes. But that ain't all -- the group also designed a "mobile broadcast unit," which is essentially a low-powered, networked bicycle capable of projecting the business onto the side of a building (or street sign, or train). The kids responsible for this heartwarming example of "eye vandalism" promise that how-to materials, software, and the like will all be available soon, but in the meantime check a video of the thing in action after the break.

[Via Jailbreak]

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