Dual-screen gScreen laptop gets pictured, hopefully launching this year

We were pretty skeptical of gScreen's plans to produce a line of dual-screen laptops rocking when we first heard about them in February, but here we are, looking at the first picture we've seen of the Spacebook laptop. We're told it has two 15.4-inch displays -- since the company knows you don't always need both screens, the second stows away behind the first and slides out when you need it, just like the Lenovo W700ds. Except, you know, with a full-size screen. Inside, you'll have a selection of Core 2 Duos, 4B of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 900M GT graphics, and a 7200rpm drive -- all of which explain why it's expected to cost just south of $3,000. gScreen's planning on having this on sale by the holidays, along with a dual-13-inch model -- let's hope the company can pleasantly surprise us yet again.