Raven Software confirms layoffs, new size 'reflects' upcoming work load

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Raven Software confirms layoffs, new size 'reflects' upcoming work load
It seems the unfortunate rumors we've been hearing to this effect for some time are true -- Raven Software has confirmed that a round of layoffs recently hit the developer (reports range from 30 to 56 folks cut from the studio's 180-man staff). Raven and Activision issued a statement explaining that after releasing X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolfenstein so close together, the Raven is "slightly reducing its workforce to better reflect the studio's upcoming slate," which only includes the development of Singularity.

Of course, other reports include unconfirmed, cause-and-effect-esque reasons for the layoffs. Kotaku reports that sources have attributed the firings to the over-budget (and underselling) Wolfenstein, as well as the holiday-to-Q1 delay of Singularity. Regardless of the reason for the downsizing, we hope the affected parties can get back on their feet with a quickness.
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