Apple thefts continue, but don't work so well for the crooks

Mel Martin
M. Martin|09.02.09

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Apple thefts continue, but don't work so well for the crooks
Another day, another dumb criminal gets snared by Apple technology. In this case, 2 dumb criminals. This latest foiled crime involved the theft of 4 iPhones from the Apple Palisades store in West Nyack, New York.

According to the Journal News up that way, the two crooks ran from the store, and police put out a description of the thieves. The phones were also tracked using the built-in iPhone GPS, and the info led police to a hardware store parking lot in Orangetown.

The hapless thieves are scheduled to appear tomorrow in court to answer to to the charges relating to the stolen iPhones and also to explain why they had 2 more stolen iPhones in their possession. The apprehended men are now in the Rockland County jail, hopefully thinking it may not have been so smart to steal phones with GPS tracking. Oddly, the Journal News article quotes cops saying the value of the four stolen phones was close to $4,000, which seems quite high; perhaps they meant the value of all six phones found with the suspects.

Meanwhile, our friend 'Jim' says he is getting good cooperation from his local police in apprehending the thieves who stole his MacBook and iMac. As you'll remember from our previous coverage, Jim has the Back to My Mac feature of MobileMe and using the screen sharing function saw someone filling out an online job application, which helpfully listed their address, phone number, name and Social Security number. Then yesterday, Jim snagged a picture of one of the alleged crooks who had used the built in iSight camera to pose for a snapshot..

As Jim continues to make contact with his stolen laptop, he finds more goodies. Someone logged into their MySpace page, and Jim was able to copy and download various pictures of the alleged perps. He also retrieved one of their cellphone numbers.

Police have made a couple of visits to the address, but haven't found anyone at home. They are persisting and will undoubtedly find them, likely ruining their day.

[Thanks to Jim R. for the West Nyack tip]
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