Creative announces Zen X-Fi2 touchscreen PMP (video)

Creative's Zii EGG may be snagging the majority of headlines for the company these days, but it looks like it's not about to let its regular PMPs fall by the wayside, and it's now announced its new Zen X-Fi2 player that ditches the few buttons found on the original Zen X-Fi in favor of full touchscreen controls. That, of course, also comes with an increase in screen size (to 3-inches), and a new interface that seems to include a few elements from that patent filing we saw a while back. Otherwise, the specs aren't too far off its predecessor, including the same 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB options, a microSD card slot for further expansion, a built-in microphone and FM radio, an RSS reader (which must be synced up with your PC). Still no firm word on a release date, unfortunately, but you can now pre-order it from a number of retailers for $129.99, $179.99, or $229.99, depending on the capacity. Not convinced just yet? Then perhaps smooth jams of the videos after the break will change your mind.

[Thanks, Sim]