Logitech aims for a chicken in every pot, a remote in every hand with Harmony 700

If Logitech's multifaceted Harmony 900 seemed a bit too rich for your blood, why not give the whole universal remote thing another chance with the Harmony 700? Priced at $149.99, this entry-level clicker packs an awful lot of promise into a package that practically any serious home theater junkie will be able to finance. Designed to replace a half-dozen remotes in your current setup, the 700 features a color display, rechargeable AA batteries and one-click control of your favorite activities. As with every other new Harmony, this one too can be connected to your Mac or PC and programmed via the internet to control whatever components you rely on -- "from Betamax to Blu-ray" as Logitech so eloquently puts it. Details beyond that are few and far between, but we're guessing the outfit's keeping things as simple as possible here as to not befuddle the target market.