Video: crooks clean out New Jersey Apple store in 31 impressive seconds

And you thought making off with 39 iPods in 15 seconds was something to behold. After studying said crooks in Utah, a trained team of larcenists headed over to Apple's Sagemore location in Marlton, New Jersey in order to one-up the duo by snagging even more goods in under a minute. As the surveillance shows, a single blunt object decimated the iconic glass doorway and enabled five hyped-up thieves to enter, snag 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPod touches, and head for the hills -- all in just 31 seconds. Look, we aren't trying to glamorize crime or anything, but this is the stuff GTA heists are made of. Head on past the break for a look at the video, and please, don't try to replicate this at your nearest Apple store (without wearing a head-mounted camcorder and hooking us up with the footage, of course).

[Via TUAW, thanks Mike]