Garrosh is not well-liked

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.04.09

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Garrosh is not well-liked

There are some possible lore spoilers in this one, so we're pushing it after the break. If you're not worried about hearing some crazy future lore and enjoy a good laugh at the son of Grom Hellscream, read on.

There's been some speculation lately that Thrall might be moving on to take the mantle of the Guardian of Tirisfal, and that Garrosh Hellscream will instead be given the title of Warchief of the Horde (speculation that's hinted at by Blizzard as well). But players aren't necessarily happy with that -- while the ingame NPCs of the Horde are bloodthirsty enough to put Garrosh in as their leader, players don't think his decisions in the past have necessarily been the best. In fact, Vacant on Eldre'thelas has compiled a list of 50 better Warchiefs than Garrosh, and from #5 (Hogger) to #42 ("The login dragon"), it's one of the funniest things we've read on the forums in a while, not to mention a who's who of pretty meaningless NPCs. When you think that "Sickly Gazelle" would be a better Horde leader than Garrosh, you know that faction's in trouble.

For the benefit of those of you at work and unable to access the forums, we've reprinted the top 50 list below (though be sure to head over to the forums to see the additions). "Basic Campfire" -- hilarious!

[via WoW_Ladies]

50 Warchiefs (plus a few more) that would be better than Garrosh (compiled by Vacant on Eldre'thelas)
1. Vol'jin
2. Cairne
3. Saurfang
4. Sylvanus
5. Hogger
6. Lor'themar Theron
7. Gorge the Corpsegrinder
8. Jeremiah Payson
9. Thathung
10. Saurfang The Younger's bloated corpse
11. Duchess Mynx
12. Mickey Levine
13. Megzeg Nukklebust
14. Gharbad the Weak
15. Mankirk
16. Mankirk's wife
17. Gurky
18. Lurky
19. Murky
20. Basic Campfire
21. That unclickable goblin girl who pedal-powers the Northrend zeps.
22. Gamon
23. Ganoosh
24. Ukor
25. Salandria
26. Lou the Cabin Boy
27. The Leaper
28. Noggle Ficklespragg
29. Egbert
30. Bloated Monsterbelly
31. Ug'thor Bloodfrenzy
32. High-Oracle Soo-say
33. Crewman Shubbscoop
34. Clarice Foster
35. Lost Barrens Kodo
36. Kekek
37. A Death Knight ghoul named Bonegobbler
38. Westfall Chicken
39. Shambles
40. Princess
41. Half a stack of Peacebloom
42. The login dragon
43. Sarkoth
44. A Steamy Romance Novel: Forbidden Love
45. Tiny Snowman
46. Farmer's Broom
47. Erlan Drudgemoor
48. Chocolate Celebration Cake
49. High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, King of Gnomes
50. Sickly Gazelle

Head over to the forum thread to see the 100+ other suggestions!
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