Palm webOS 1.2 leaked, plugged in record time

You know, sometimes if you just study hard, keep your nose clean, and stay away from the pirate cable TV business, fate will do you a solid. For instance, check this post by PreCentral forum member go4craig. Today, the hapless youngster innocently applied webOS Doctor in a bid to reset his phone back to factory and wouldn't ya know it? When all was said and done, the phone's operating system was upgraded to webOS 1.2. And what's more, the maneuver has been repeated successfully by a handful of other forum members.

What can the accidental early adopter expect for their trouble? How about account information for the App Catalog (a sign of paid apps to come), a Select All option in the browser's edit menu, and some changes in GPS location services. In addition to all this inadvertent newness, the update is said to have "much improved (zoom animation)" and a number of "little tweaks throughout." Sadly, as of this writing the gang at Palm seem to have plugged the leak. But chin up, little ones -- we're sure an official release must be imminent.

[Thanks, Jay]