Linutop 3 out to seduce minimalists, cheapskates

We know we expend a lot of digital ink talking about oomph and va va voom, but sometimes you just need a computer you can give to your old grandpappy and let him go wild with the Reader's Digest online edition. The Linutop 3, sporting a custom Linux OS atop a blistering 1GHz VIA C7 CPU, 1GB of RAM and a tremendously capacious 2GB SSD, is just that sort of machine. It asks for a mere €340 ($485) and 20 watts of power, and lets you expand storage by adding an internal hard drive or plugging a memory stick into one of six available USB ports. Sure, you're unlikely to use it for more than the bundled Open Office and Firefox applications, but have you considered this thing's potential after bumping that clock multiplier and dipping the whole thing in liquid nitrogen? Have you?

[Via The Register]