Zoom Q3 ears-on: it's like 'Stop Making Sense' saw your YouTube lip sync video and liked it

What's this blue monstrosity? A YouTube-happy concert bootlegger's new best friend. The Zoom Q3 (which is distributed by Samson in the States) pairs a decent stereo mic and some in-depth audio controls with a regular crappy pocket video camera sensor -- along with an oversized screen to make room for audio level meters. There are obviously limited situations where this is really necessary (there are plenty of much better dedicated mics for when you don't need the VGA video to go along with it), and all your cutesy Flip mino-toting friends are going to laugh at you, but at least you'll be able to crank up your recording to lossless and capture their cackles with eardrum shattering clarity. Check out a video of the Zoom Q3 shot with another Zoom Q3 after the break and decide for yourself if it's worth the slightly premium $249 pricetag.