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Kick your WoW habit with ReSTART clinic

Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy|September 7, 2009 9:35 AM
Just when you think this kind of thing can only happen in the Netherlands, along comes ReSTART, a Washington state-based rehab center that offers a 45-day course of treatment crafted to help you kick your internet or World of Warcraft addiction. Oh, and it's all offered at the bargain price of $14,000!

"We've been doing this for years on an outpatient basis," Hilarie Cash, the center's director, told the AP. "Up until now, we had no place to send them."

Of course, if you want to kick your WoW addiction for just a little bit less cash, the serious professionals of the Joystiq Internet Rehabilitation Clinic Staffed By Serious Professionals have some fine replacement therapies to recommend.