Sony to offer voice recognition, image enlargement tech in upcoming SDK

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Andrew Yoon
September 8th, 2009
Sony to offer voice recognition, image enlargement tech in upcoming SDK

Sony has been working on distributing a number of new technologies, already available in some PS3 programs. The first is voice recognition software, employed by SingStar, that allows the PS3 to quickly recognize up to 20 different languages. In SingStar, players are able to quickly go through the song library by simply calling out various commands or speaking the names of artists and songs. While the technology is currently exclusive to Sony, a report by Dig Info reveals that the company plans on making it available to all PS3 developers in future iterations of the console's software development kit.

Another tech developed by Sony allows the PS3 and PSP to quickly zoom in on massive images. Already used in a Japanese release calendar program (available for free from the Japanese PlayStation Store), this technology streams massive amounts of visual data -- including video -- quickly and scales it appropriately. Like the SingStar voice recognition tools, this tech will be available for developers in an upcoming SDK update. We're not exactly sure how games will be able to take advantage of this, but it certainly looks impressive.

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