PS3 overtakes Mac, becomes second biggest iPlayer platform

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Andrew Yoon
September 9th, 2009
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PS3 overtakes Mac, becomes second biggest iPlayer platform

UK residents are lucky enough to have access to iPlayer, a web-based service that streams BBC programming for free. Firmware 3.00 adds iPlayer to the Video section of the XMB (provided you live in the UK, and have a UK-purchased system). It seems the added spotlight of iPlayer has increased viewership significantly, as PS3 now accounts for 10% of all iPlayer viewing. In comparison, Mac accounts for only 8.5% of viewership.

The success of services like BBC iPlayer and Vidzone show how important non-gaming applications are to PS3 owners. Hopefully, figures like these will convince other players -- like Hulu -- to join in on the PlayStation party.
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