Sega's Dreamcast turns 10, inspires us to find that VMU and finish Shenmue

In at least a few time zones, today is 09/09/09. Aside from being the same day that Apple holds a keynote on the left coast, Leica launches something and The Beatles: Rock Band encourages gamers everywhere to call in sick, today also marks the ten year anniversary of Sega's iconic Dreamcast. Looking back, it's hard to believe that the always-Thinking console was only in production for two years, but even today it holds an oh-so-special place in our hearts. We still maintain that the defunct VMU could eventually be the next coming of the Tamagotchi, and there's still zero doubt that the designer of Seaman was on copious quantities of LSD during the conception process. Any particularly touching stories as we celebrate a solid decade of The Swirl? Share 'em below -- tissues are on us.