Game Informer drops Crackdown 2 details

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If the debut trailer for Crackdown 2 (which was revealed at E3 earlier this year) left you completely befuddled, don't fret -- you're not in the minority. However, Game Informer's recent write-up on Ruffian Games' open-world sequel explains the supernatural beasties hinted at in the teaser -- apparently, during a mission in Crackdown, your character unknowingly unleashed a virus into the city that caused portions of the population to mutate into hulking, violent brutes. Good going, stupid.

The GI article also explains that the five upgradable stats in the first game will reappear in Crackdown 2, but will unlock new abilities as they're powered up. There are also some new armaments in the mix -- including something called a "magnetic grenade," which is capable of sticking enemies to moving vehicles. Oh, Ruffian Games. You are too good to us.

[Via IGN]
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