Video: Mysterious Eigenharp offers blinkenlight sitar looks, chilled-out Moby grooves

There was a time when instruments were limited by their shapes, strings, valves. Today they're only limited by human creativity, and we'd have to say the folks at Eigenlabs certainly aren't lacking in that department -- they seem to have a bountiful supply of buttons and LEDs, too. Eigenlabs has given birth to the Eigenharp, an instrument that is still largely mysterious, but as you can see in the first video below it seems to allow musicians to loop samples, finger drum, and even play like an oboe. The second video shows off the thing's sequencer, a combination of features that could make this the perfect electronica accompaniment for your next sit-in. Exactly what else it can do remains to be seen, but we'll probably go ahead and wait for for the four-button Guitar Hero version.

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