Just Add Power introduces Projector Connector HDMI-over-IP solution

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|09.14.09

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Just Add Power introduces Projector Connector HDMI-over-IP solution
It looks like the gang over at Just Add Power have cooked up a device that will let you manage multiple HDMI sources without the limits of traditional HDMI switches (and no, it isn't an HDMI Balun). The Projector Connector consists of an encoder unit that converts your HDMI source signal to IP packets and a networked receiver that decodes the signal at the display end. Add a managed switch and you can keep adding sources and display devices to your heart's content (up to 200 displays). Controlled by a PC over HTTP, this is definitely a product that will see more use in large organizations than it will in home theater setups. But still, what HD aficionado wouldn't love to get his hands on something this powerful and (relatively) inexpensive? The encoder (VBS-HDMI-308A) sells for $299, while the decoder (VBS-HDMI0108A) will run $250 -- you'll have to buy your own switch. Supports 1080p, HDCP, and up to 5.1 digital audio. Hit the read link to pick one up for yourself.

[Via CE Pro]
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