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Samsung's Application Store scrambles to life for some Omnia i900 owners

If you have an Omnia i900 and you live in the UK, Italy, or France then listen up, Samsung's Application Store just went live. A quick .CAB file download installs the new Application Store client onto your WinMo handset. From there you have access to about 300 paid (payable by credit card, phone billing "coming soon") and free apps via WiFi or Cellular data connections. Samsung plans to have over "over 2,000" apps in the store by the end of 2009 with support added for the Omnia II I8000 and OmniaLITE B7300 from more than 30 countries planned on an indeterminate timeline. A quick glance through the top paid apps reveals the £3.50 Guitar Hero World Tour and free apps like Evernote and the Skyfire browser -- otherwise, the so-called "Hot" game-heavy, apps look pretty lackluster for the moment. It's also interesting (read: odd) that Skyfire is tagged with an "OS Cetified" (Samsung's misspelling) badge for Windows Mobile while the heavily promoted Guitar Hero remains badge-less. Ah well, it is launch day and we expect these things will get ironed-out soon enough. Pics and highly conceptualized App Store experience demonstration after the break.

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