Android 1.6 SDK released, coming to devices 'as early as October'

And with that, Google has released the SDK for Android 1.6, a.k.a. "Donut." Developers can go nuts over the fine-tunings of it, but the takeaway for the consumer is that it allows Android devices to run on CDMA and in different resolutions and screen sizes -- should help to vary up the options currently available. Additionally, the update will add QuickSearch à la webOS for scavenging through contacts, apps, and the internet in one text field, as we saw back at Google I/O, a text-to-speech API with translation capabilities, and that revamped market we spied earlier this month. Most interesting is an one-off line that from the official developer blog that says, "you can expect to see devices running Android 1.6 as early as October." That October launch applies to quite a number of upcoming Android handsets -- Sprint Hero, Motorola CLIQ, possibly even the InstinctQ and a Verizon-bound Sholes all fit the bill quite nicely. Want to see more of the new update in action? Video of +10 adorableness after the break.

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