Android Battle: CLIQ edition

Ross Miller
R. Miller|09.10.09

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Android Battle: CLIQ edition
Magic / MT3G
Dream / G1
Carrier T-Mobile -- (GSM / HSDPA) -- (GSM / EDGE) Sprint T-Mobile T-Mobile
Manuf. Motorola Samsung HTC HTC HTC HTC
Price -- -- -- $179.99 $99.99 $149.99
Released -- July 2009 -- Oct 11, 2009 Aug 5, 2009 Oct 22, 2008
Keyboard Slide-out Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual Slide-out
Android MOTOBLUR Standard Sense UI Sense UI Standard Standard
Processor 528MHz MSM7201A 528MHz ARM11 528MHz MSM7225 528MHz MSM7201A 528MHz MSM7201A 528MHz MSM7201A
Screen 3.1-inch (est.), 320 x 480 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 2.8-inch, 240 x 320 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 3.2-inch, 480 x 320
Headphone 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm ExtUSB ExtUSB
Touchscreen Capacitive Capacitive Resistive Capacitive Capacitive Capacitive
Still Camera 5MP with AF 5MP with Flash 3.2MP 5MP with AF 3.2MP with AF 3.2MP with AF
Bluetooth 2.0 2.1 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
Exchange ActiveSync ActiveSync -- ActiveSync Depends on version Depends on version
Storage 256MB, microSD 8GB, microSD 512MB, microSD 512MB, microSD 512MB, microSD 256MB, microSD
Battery 1400mAh 1500mAh 1100mAh 1500 mAh 1340 mAh 1150 mAh
Weight 163g 114g 113g 135g 116g 158g
It's been over 11 months since the Android first hit the scene with HTC's T-Mobile G1, and in that time we've come to the conclusion that, despite having more or less a clean slate on industrial design choices and specs, little progress has been made in the way of variation. Stacked up side-to-side, Motorola CLIQ manages to stand out with a slide-out keyboard and MOTOBLUR skin, but under the hood, it's pretty much as uniform as a netbook. Peruse for yourself in the chart above.

Update: We had a typo on the Hero screen size -- it's 3.2-inches, not the other way around! Stupid keyboards.
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