Sleek Audio adds phosphorescent glow to wireless CT6 Aura earbuds

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.16.09

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Sleek Audio adds phosphorescent glow to wireless CT6 Aura earbuds

Even those with everything probably wish their high-end earbuds had a bit more personality, and if you're reclined in your Victorian-era sofa in a robe befitting one Chuck Bass nodding in agreement, we'd encourage you to have a gander at Sleek Audio's latest. Essentially, these are the same Kleer-enabled CT6 'buds that the affluent among us have grown to love, but with an obvious twist. Thanks to the inclusion of phosphorescent particles within the shell and top plate, the $374.99 CT6 Aura can actually glow in a variety of colors, giving DJs around the globe one more reason to ditch the cans and go small. Currently, the CT6 Aura can be ordered in green, blue, orange, yellow and white, with pricing set at $25 more than the standard CT6. Gnarly, right?

Sleek Audio Announces Another Product First with the CT6 Aura Wireless Compatible Earphones

Custom earphones that emit light through phosphorescent particles imbedded in the shell and top plate

Palmetto, Fl. September 16, 2009 – Sleek Audio, developer of the SA6 acoustically customizable earphone and recipient of Popular Science's "Best of What's New" award in 2008 has announced the newest option for their acclaimed custom earphones with the CT6 Aura.

The CT6 Aura utilizes the same audio technology as the CT6, but adds a new design feature that makes the custom earphones that much more unique. Using phosphorescent technology, the CT6 Aura earphones emit a powerful glow in a range of colors for those who don't mind onlookers starring curiously at their ears during overnight flights.

"The CT6 Aura came about when a DJ asked us if we could make him earphones that glowed while he was working, we told him we'd look into it, and after some time playing around with different options we've developed some really cool new designs," said Mark Krywko, CEO of Sleek Audio. "We worked hard to perfect the audio performance of the CT6 earphones, and now we're just having fun with the countless customization options we can offer our customers. The CT6 Aura will perform the same as the standard CT6, they're just a little more fun for those who want something new," added Krwyko.

The CT6 Aura, like its SA6 in-ear earphone counterpart, can go from wired to wireless and back again thanks to its removable, swivel cables. Using KLEER™ wireless technology, the CT6 Aura's offer unprecedented sound quality from a wired and wireless platform. It also offers ESC (Environmental Sound Control) eliminating up to 32dB of external noise.

"So far DJ's have been showing the most interest in the CT6 Auara's as they look pretty cool glowing in their ears in dark clubs and shows," added Krywko.

Currently the CT6 Aura is available in the following color options: green, blue, purple, orange, white and yellow.
More information on the Sleek Audio CT6 Aura custom earphones and the process for obtaining ear impressions can be found at
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