Video: KORG places an iPhone pocket in its microSAMPLER, calls it a day

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|09.16.09

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Video: KORG places an iPhone pocket in its microSAMPLER, calls it a day

The kids over at Korg are a savvy bunch -- they know that the best way to perk up jaded bloggers (such as ourselves) is to somehow attach an iPhone to their device. Unfortunately, what we thought at first glance was an innovative/insane new way to make music on Apple's flagship handset turns out to be, in fact, little more than a sampler with a pocket for your media player and a 1/4-inch audio input. While we have you here, however, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that, as samplers go, this one is pretty awesome. Featuring a 37-key keyboard, a number of sample modes (including autonext mode, which auto-magically slices a beat into individual hits, not unlike Propellerhead's ReCycle), a preset sound library, 21 KAOS-driven multi-parameter effects, and a USB cable for managing sounds on your Mac or PC (with the included Editor Librarian software), this could be the perfect companion for the microKORG that's already collecting dust in your bedroom. Of course, Korg wouldn't be able to sell this thing at Guitar Center without a heavy-handed, borderline silly promo vid ("Suddenly... you receive a gift... FROM YOUR OWN MIND... in the form of: THE PERFECT BEAT") which we highly suggest you check out after the break. Yours now for $750.

[Via SlashGear]

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