HP and Dr. Dre team up to shill a limited edition Envy 15

When we saw the HP-branded Envy leak a whole four days ago we certainly didn't expect to get any news on the beast so soon, but 'lo and behold! The new Envy is here, and we've been getting plenty of positive feedback from HP fanboys the world o'er regarding the new sub-brand. Who could find fault with a Windows machine that features everything we love about those new MacBooks, including the chicklet keyboard, unibody aluminum chasis, thin-and-light physique, multitouch trackpad, and all the Microsoft OS action you so obviously crave, wrapped ever-so-lovingly in a Hewlett Packard shell? We'll tell you who: Lady Gaga. That's right, the popular recording artist and all-around good American just found out that HP has teamed up with Dr. Dre to create a limited edition Envy 15 laptop and is a little perturbed that she wasn't involved in the branding. How dare they think that a matte black chassis and bright red "Beats" logo would be enough to sell this bad boy? We'll tell you what -- if you feel for her plight, you might think about spending some of your heard earned cash on a pair of her headphones. The rest of us can feel content to peep the gallery below and think about what might have been.