Samsung doesn't know when to stop, spits out Millionaire Pack II

We don't have a good sense for how many cultured old-money socialites have Omnia IIs in their Fendi handbags -- and we're not sure Samsung does either, but they're trying to move that number up a couple notches with a sequel to its original Omnia-themed Millionaire Pack of last year. Like the last one, the Millionaire Pack II is clearly designed to appeal either to wealthy tightwads or common folk who want to pretend like they've got some serious cash to throw around -- but either way, the €649 ($957) retail price is just a bit more than an unlocked Omnia II would run you straight up. For that price of entry, you get the phone, a leather case, a copy of some magazine for rich people, and that's about it -- so if you pop open the package expecting a solid gold phone covered in jewels, you're in for a nasty surprise.