Video: Vstone's tiny Robovie-nano robot drives the lane, jumps, shoots, scores retail availability

There is certainly no shortage of humanoid robots conspiring to attack your savings, but few look to offer the combination of tiny size and amazing dexterity of the Robovie-nano, the little guy from Vstone who is now shipping to would-be Dr. Frankensteins. He's just 230mm tall (about nine inches) and weighs 575g (about a pound and a quarter), but looks to be at least as nimble as larger forebearers and is far cheaper than most, costing just ¥49,350 ($540) to start -- less than a set of those sweet robot hands we spotted last week. For that you won't get the optional "gripper shaft" mitts shown above, or the paintable Lexan bodywork he sports in the video after the break, but nobody ever said a robot needs clothes, right?
[Via Impress]

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