Yamaha's PSG-01S is the speakerphone version of a mullet

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|09.18.09

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Yamaha's PSG-01S is the speakerphone version of a mullet
Following in ASUS' hot sweaty footsteps today comes Yamaha with a pair of Skype-certified USB speakerphones. The PSG-01S 'SoundGadget' (pictured) aspires to be everything to everyone, by automagically switching between an all-party speaker mode and dressed-up speakerphone duty, depending on its vertical orientation. The PJP-25URS, on the other hand, seems pretty well identical to its predecessor, the PJP-25UR, but for its support for Vista (and presumably Windows 7) machines. That means you still get a crazy twelve mic array and those fetching swing-out mic arms that corporate types must be simply in love with, given the distinct lack of changes. Both are powered via the USB connector, sport dedicated Skype controls, echo cancellation, and noise reduction, and are expected in Europe and the US this month.
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