Shoryuken expect a Street Fighter IV sequel

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Shoryuken expect a Street Fighter IV sequel
It's not often that we get to post a breaking news, stop-the-presses kind of story about an impending sequel to a beloved franchise. Of course, that adage doesn't really apply to Street Figher, a series with more sequels and spin-offs than the Joystiq staff has fingers and toes. On the Japanese Street Fighter IV blog, Capcom's Natsuki Shiozawa intimated that an announcement regarding a sequel would be made in the near future. With TGS only a week away, we can only hope that such an announcement will be made then.

IGN quite rightly notes that an SFIV "sequel" doesn't necessarily equate to a brand new entry in the series. Given the series' history, it's easily possible that it could end up being an extension of the game, à la Street Fighter II Championship Edition. We might add that an SFIV refresh would be perfect for the impending holiday shopping season.
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