Is this AT&T's HTC Pure, clad in shimmering magenta?

Last month, a leaked and decidedly non-confirmed listing of random phones mentioned something called the HTC Pure. We've not heard anything since, but now HTCpedia has what it believes to be two photos of the thing, each one enshrouded in an unattractive case; one silicon, one garish plastic. What's inside those enclosures is of course largely unknown, but it certainly doesn't appear to have a slide-out keyboard, does appear to have four buttons on the face, and that's said to be a 5 megapixel camera on the back. The site goes so far to say that this is destined for AT&T and will be the Touch Diamond2 (nee Warhawk), but if that's the case HTC has obviously made some tweaks to the design the last time we saw it. We're not quite ready to say these are anything other than blurry pictures of some random HTC handset, but once we have something -- anything -- a little more conclusive we'll be sure to pass it along.

Update: As a few commenters have pointed out, this is the MDA Compact V, currently available in the UK under T-Mobile, which could explain the magenta case. Is this what AT&T is referring to as the Pure? We wouldn't be surprised.