Valve commends Team Fortress 2 'Guard Dog' concept creator

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A Team Fortress 2 forum poster named Pyranodon recently uploaded a magnificent piece of fan art for the cartoony shooter: A fake TF2 Class Update detailing the abilities of the game's new "Guard Dog." Though this canine is obviously way too overpowered to be implemented (it's a spy-tracker and a Jarate dispenser!), it's a pretty convincing mock-up -- so convincing, in fact, that Valve's Saxton Hale recently drafted a letter of commendation to the update's creator.

Well, perhaps "drafted" isn't the appropriate word to use there. Now that we think about it, neither is "commendation." We don't want to spoil it for you -- check out the fake update, check out the letter, and then join us as we happily remember why we love Valve so very much.
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