Ask Engadget HD: Best headphone setup for a home theater?

Sure, it's great to discuss all manner of surround sound setups, in-wall speakers and the like, but for a rare few circumstances have combined to require all their audio come through nothing but a pair of headphones. That's Cory's problem, check it out:

I work a different schedule from my roommates. I've been watching Movies and TV with a crappy set of computer speakers as a headphone amp. I'm looking to upgrade and would like some suggestions. I watch TV via VMC and Movies via Toshiba HD-A3 so multiple inputs would be nice. I'm looking to spend $200 but all suggestions are welcome I'll need to upgrade someday.

What does he need to get the best quality audio, while keeping things quiet for everyone else in the house? (We're assuming building a soundproofed room is slightly out of the question.) Surely someone of you have dealt with the same issue, let us know in the comments how you get the best sound from a pair of cans.

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