TGS 2009: Joy Ride community can unlock 'Perilous Peaks' stunt track

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TGS 2009: Joy Ride community can unlock 'Perilous Peaks' stunt track
During a brief closed-door Xbox Live Arcade showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2009, Microsoft revealed that a new stunt track in the upcoming Xbox Avatar title, Joy Ride, will be unlocked by the community. When the Joy Ride community reach a collective experience level, the mountain landscape of Perilous Peaks will become available -- similar to the unlock challenge of EA's Battlefield 1943.

Microsoft also showcased three new modes for Joy Ride: Delivery Dash pits players against each other, attempting to collect and deliver a pizza at random spots within the world; Coin Frenzy has players (alone or in teams) racing against the clock to collect as many coins within the world; and Trick Showdown requires players work alone or as a team to pull off as many stunts before time expires. As an added bonus, collected coins can be used to customize each player's ride -- a nice alternative to customization options available for purchase with Microsoft Points.

Joy Ride will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade (free to Gold Subscribers all Xbox Live members) this holiday.
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