Updated iMac lineup rumored for near-term release

Do you know how old the current iMac is? Half a year. Or two years, if we're talking form factors. In terms of major Apple design overhauls, six months isn't a very long time, but considering that the all-important holiday shopping season is about to kick off, it follows logic to think that Apple would update its most consumer-facing Mac lineup in preparation. AppleInsider seems to have a pretty good read on a purported refresh, noting that a thinner chassis (predictable, but appreciated) and all-around lower prices are on tap. We're told that the enclosures could closely mimic the firm's new Cinema Displays in terms of industrial design, and while details on actual specification changes are next to nil, we are told that a few amenities "not previously available" would become so. Who's down for throwing out wild suppositions? (And no, Blu-ray doesn't count.)