Video: Obscura Digital shows off CueLight 'interactive' pool table

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Video: Obscura Digital shows off CueLight 'interactive' pool table

The folks at Obscura Digital sure aren't strangers to massive, interactive displays, but they may just have delivered their most impressive but actually (somewhat) attainable rig to date with their new CueLight 'interactive' pool table. Now featured at both the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and Esquire's SoHo "Ultimate Bachelor Pad," the deceptively simple setup uses a projection system and a few sensors to track the balls and display some suitably jaw-dropping effects on any pool table you supply -- 'cause, you know, an actual screen would be a bit tricky. Of course, the "you" in this case is more likely to be a swanky establishment of some sort, but there's nothing stopping you from chiming in and asking for a quote for that games room you're building. Need a little more incentive? Check out the video after the break.

[Via Core77]

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