ASUS Eee Top ET2002T and ET2203T touchscreen all-in-ones land in October

Looks like we've got ourselves another Windows 7 launch, folks. The Eee Top ET2002 and ET2203, which have graced these pages with their touchscreens before, have ironed out an all-too-familiar launch date (October 22nd) and some fairly competitive Europe prices, weighing in at £559 and £819, respectively. That's roughly $893 and $1,312 US, but usually the UK to US conversion on these is dramatically less than the true conversion rate (though we feel rather bad for the folks in the UK, in our own patronizing, American sort of way). Either way we're happy to see NVIDIA ION popping up again, and the whole concept of a low-end touchscreen PC is certainly intriguing with Windows 7 along for the ride.