EverQuest II players now receiving bonus experience for the weekend

William Dobson
W. Dobson|09.26.09

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A few weeks ago, over the Labor Day weekend, players of EverQuest enjoyed a massive double experience bonus. Some folks wondered why EverQuest II wasn't included in the bonus celebration. Well, this weekend it's their turn, as all players of EverQuest II should be receiving a bonus to adventuring, tradeskill, and alternate advancement xp as of 1:00PM PDT today. It doesn't sound like it's a full 2x bonus like it was in EverQuest, but every little bit helps.

The bonus weekend is a good opportunity for players to get into the brand new game update that was just pushed live this week -- although, the new Chronomagic system is all about going back in levels, not speeding forward. Players have until 10:00AM PDT on Monday to make use of the bonus, so if you've got some leveling to do, get cracking.
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