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China Unicom to start selling the iPhone in October

Lauren Hirsch
Lauren Hirsch|September 28, 2009 1:15 PM
Hong Kong-based China Unicom released details today concerning its August announcement of a three-year deal to sell the iPhone. Sales of the iPhone will begin in October, dovetailing with its October 1st 3G network launch, and will be priced at approximately 5000 Yuan, or around US$730. The iPhone will be sold in both Apple retail stores and through Unicom's own network of stores, and plans for the iPhone will range from 126 Yuan to 886 Yuan, or about US$18 to US$130. There will also be a handset subsidy, depending on the chosen plan above 126 Yuan, which maxes out at 4253 Yuan, or about US$623.

China Unicom competes heavily with the larger China Telecom, which is believed to be in negotiations to distribute the Palm Pre.

Details here (in Chinese.)